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Signature Cocktails

Savor the essence of exceptional libations at Miami Bar. Immerse yourself in a world where every sip is a testament to the pursuit of quality. Our carefully crafted drinks menu is designed to captivate your senses and elevate your drinking experience. From meticulously chosen ingredients to expert mixology techniques, our offerings embody the essence of fine beverages. Join us on a journey of taste and indulge in the finest drinks that embody the true art of quality.

Baywater Breakfast (Bloody Mary)

A spicy Bloody Mary with House Vodka & Tabasco.


Watermelon Sugar High (Watermelon Mimosa)

Tropical Mimosa with watermelon, prosecco, and orange bitters.


Native G&T

Gin and Tonic with Australian botanicals, lemon myrtle, tonic.


Rum, Spice and Apples

Spiced Rum with fresh apple juice, a delightful combo.


White Smoked Negroni

Innovative white Negroni with gin, Suze, and White Vermouth.


Our Espresso Martini

Classic Espresso Martini with wattle seed powder, honey, agave.


On The Porch

Beachy delight with Limoncello, Regal Rouge, Prosecco, Ginger Beer & cucumber.


Coastline Cooler

Refreshing Cinzano Rosso, rosé, agave, watermelon.


Floral Shirt & Sunglasses (In Mexico)

Tequila Paloma with agave, lime, and orange soda.


Summers Evenin'

Smoky whiskey Old Fashioned with Scotch, Mezcal, bitters and chocolate.


Tiki Torched

White & Dark Rum delight, Montenegro, mango, lime, and flaming lime.


Somewhere In Miami - Signature Cocktail

Refreshed Pina Colada with rum, pineapple, coconut foam.


The Eruption

Tropical explosion for 2-4 people with rum, tequila, flames, cinnamon.



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